Near to 90 years of business under the management of the Veronelli’s family, Pelosi company has constantly grown and achieved experience and know-how in many industrial sectors. Originally founded in 1928 as manufacturer of leather transmission belts and gaskets, Pelosi has developed to become a reference’s supplier in the production of:

A full range of gaskets and industrial packaging

Spare parts for any industry, making use of new technology: waterjet and cnc cutting machineries

Elastomer thermoplastic by extrusion

Conveyor, transmission belts and accessories for conveyor

The experience reached over the years is of high value for Pelosi and thanks to this experience we are developing the market in the emergent countries.


Pelosi is not only about gaskets supply, but also and above all, is focused on plant’s performance improvement, and support on maintenance strategy planning; from problems analysis to solutions: a method and a creative process composed of technology, technique, intuition, knowledge and experience put at the service of the customers.



Defined corporate procedures ensure an adeguate flow of information and work, in order to guarantee the best result.
Fulfilling the declared requirements, the quality of materials, and services.
An in-house research centre develops new materials and own manufacturing processes.
Each employee is focused on offering the best responses and support to the customers, through a constant technical training.
Products are manufactured with the best raw materials, in order to ensure the quality standard through time.

PELOSI is structured in 3 Business Unit, with a unique management and production coordination, even thanks to an internal Engineering & Design Department


EXTRUDINGSKILL is Pelosi company business unit that produces thermoplastic extrusion profiles
The compound is the seed from which our production process starts. We can assure our production of polyurethane profile, and not only but also developing a shape profile starting from a sketch or a sample



BELTINGSKILL is Pelosi Company Business Unit that produces conveyor and transmission belts.
Beltingskill is able to perform all necessary operations in its highly automated workshops including cutting, skiving and gluing, punching for the production of endless manufacture.
Special conveyor can also be manufactured complete with: guides, profile and sidewall fitted by means of high frequency and hot air welding machine; perforations.



SHAPINGSKILL is Pelosi company Business Unit that deals with cut, incision, modeling of several plastic and natural materials and even with prototypes. Our technical department is at disposal of customers to make technical drawings and renderings for 3D view of the articles to be produced.


PELOSI is an Italian manufacturing company, born in Milan in 1928, located in the area where the most important technologies for the processing of gaskets and many other special materials have been improved.
In 1978 Veronelli family, already on the market with company “Transmission Belt’s Veronelli” as manufacturer of leather transmission belts, has incorporated below his management the company Pelosi.
After 90 years of experience, Pelosi is now on the global market an official partner of the biggest brands in the nautical industry, supply of spare parts for machinery for processing wood, textile, glass and ceramic. Pelosi has always been sure reference for company of manufacture and production of plants, supplying products which are manufactured with the best raw materials, in order to ensure the quality standard through time.

PELOSI, accordingly to the “MADE IN ITALY” tradition, makes every day better the quality of its produtcs, investing in new machinery and adding in its production cycle, when permitted, new forefront technologies.
Pelosi has always been characterized by everyday research of innovation and quality investment in new technology and attention towards a deep control of raw materials, today important support for the biggest Italian and European producers of machinery in different business industry.

In its Business Unit EXTRUDING SKILL, Pelosi proposes advances technical solution for: Technical planning and taylor support throughtout the project/each new phase of product.
Expert assistance in choosing the most suitable plastic to personalize the product Extrusion with modern profile procedures, starting from 2 grams and up.
Ability of making a wide range of colours Pantone colour system, Ral or samples Cutting based on measurements or packing on spools, skeins, reels Heat sealing and high frequency Welding Digital Printing on products

In its Business Unit SHAPINGSKILL, Pelosi proposes advanced technical solutions for high quality result.
Once studied the customer’s drawing, Pelosi R&D dept. is able to offer and produce several materials, soft or compact, following the different requirements. Maximum precision in each type of manufacturing thanks to propose technologies: KNIFE CUTTING TABLE, solid structure and cutting precision even for field different from soft rubber, asbestos-free, rubber, silicon, foam, leather goods; CNC PROCESSING MACHINE for the manufacturing of products for the packaging, visual communication (signs, prints, etc.), building (indoor and outdoor flooring, acoustic insulation, etc.) and industry (filters, gaskets, etc.) sectors, which process expanded and compact plastic materials, composite materials, cardboard; WATERJET MACHINE, Cutting is performed by means of a supersonic jet with a pressure of approx. 413.7 MPa (approx. 60,000 psi), which can consist of pure water, for cutting soft/flexible materials, or water mixed with abrasive for cutting medium and high density materials. Machining operations can be performed on 3 or 5 axes, using one or more heads. Cutting parameters are managed by a software program and can be changed at any time. The software includes a nesting module to optimise waste and operate in multi-head mode.

Pelosi is today present in the 5 continents, with more than 400 customers in 30 countries followed directly from its sales manager, branches and partners in the world. It has 2 main production plants in Milan and in Onore (Bergamo), a branch office in Moscow and a production plant in Klimovsk in Moscow region in Russia.