Cleats, V guides and sidewalls

EXTRUDINGSKILL produces cleats, v guides, sidewalls using thermoplastic PVC special compound or Polyurtehane, in different hardness Sh. A to guarantee high efficiency, excellent characteristics of resistance to temperatures, oils, dust and abrasion.

Cleats, V guide and sidewall accessories

EXTRUDINGSKILL produces profiles, guides, containment edges with a special blend of thermoplastic PVC, PU and SPECIAL COMPOUND in different hardness (Shore A) able to guarantee flexibility and resistance to abrasion and oils. Cleats, guides and sidewalls have been studied by EXTRUDINGSKILL to adapt perfectly to the covering compounds of the conveyor belts, and are applied by means of different vulcanisation systems such as hot air and high frequency systems, that guarantee a perfect and long lasting bond. This id done with the equipment normally available in Italy in our Milan headquarter or in our branch in Onore (Bergamo) or even in Russia, in our office in Moscow.


Cleats, V guide and Sidewall can be used to solve some problems in the transport of goods.
They are used in case of upward or downward-sloped movement, to faciliate products transportation; sidewalls prevent product spillage.
Profiles can be added to conveyor and transmission belt (in addition to notched belts).
Cleats are available in different sizes and materials, ensuring the widest adaptability to the specific needs of your application.


  • Standard colors are: white, blue, apple green, dark green, transparent, black.
  • Customized colors are available with a minimum quantity production.
  • Minimum diameter pulley: the value mentioned in standard V guide, notched V guide and square V guide, are valid only if used on bottom side of the conveyors. In case of bending, for standard guides and square guides increase these values ​​by 50%.
  • It is not recommended to apply longitudinally toothed guides on the transport side. For the application of all accessories, contact PELOSI EXTRUDINGSKILL Technical Service.


on customer shape

ExtrudingSkill special products and customized profiles are made with the same materials used for conveyor belts, so that they are very resistant to abrasion.

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