Extrusion of customized profiles

Special profiles and customer customized profiles of  EXTRUDINGSKILL are produced with the same raw material used for conveyor belts to guarantee high efficiency, excellent characteristics of resistance to temperatures, oils, dust and abrasion.

Customized profile

EXTRUDINGSKILL is able to realize custom profiles, rolls and sheets in different termoplastic raw materials used in many fields.

Our production is characterized by great versatility and flexibility. PELOSI’s most demanding customers do not look for standard products in stock, but come to us to have specific products with peculiar characteristics and in the necessary quantities.


Our experience and skills allow us to better evaluate customer’s needs in terms of customised profiles. In this vast field, the applications of the products are often very diverse and require feasibility, material and cost study inidividually tailored to each customer.
Our customers usually come to us with a simple idea and we try to provide them the best solution according to the use they have to make of the extruded profile.
A profile that is the result of a concept and a technical drawing, needs to be carefully assessed in details in order to be transformed from theory into a functional, industrialisable and commercially viable product. This is why experience, in this case, represents an important added value. Our customers can take advantage of our 90 years of history and Pelosi’s experience, to ensure a product in line with the expectations and needs of an increasingly difficult market.


Calendered sheets: by calendering we can imprint various types of geometry on the surface of the sheets to obtain the necessary effect for the type of work to be carried out.
The “supergrip” sheet is excellent to be used as a conveyor belt, the “multi V” sheet is perfect to be coupled with other sheets or simply smooth sheet can be accessorised with our cleats, to create customized conveyor belts suitable for different sectors.

Do you want to create a custom-made profile?
Send us the shape and the draw and we will be happy to realize your project.