Foam polyurethane

Type of materials

The main characteristic of sound-absorbing materials is the cell structure and porosity.
As a matter of fact, when a sound wave hits a material, the cell structure of this item will reflect a part of the wave and it will absorb the remain part.

The relation between the absorbed and not reflected energy and the absorbed energy is called coefficient of acoustic absorption.

Technical data

Grey Color
Density from 11 to 95 kg/m3
Temperature excercise from -40°C to +290°C
Coupled with polyurethane film, Aluminium and PVC

Standard dimension

Sheet  mm 100×2000
Different Thickness.
Die-cut or water-cut or cnc machining.

Protective packaging in both flexible polyurethane foam and closed cell polyethylene foam:

which can be inserted inside boxes, suitcases, caskets, crates and containers of various kinds in order to protect the contents from shocks and external agents during transportation and handling. The mobility of goods is constantly growing and with it the need for the goods to arrive intact at the destination, in this regard, the way in which they are packaged is fundamental, so that they are protected from any accidental hits during storage and shipping. Thanks to the wide range of materials processed and the design capacity, Pelosi is able to support the customer in the study and implementation of customized packaging solutions. Hi-tech objects, monitors, biomedical equipment, measuring instruments, components and tools, drones and photographic equipment, the range of packaging that Pelosi creats every day is wide and constantly evolving. Skills in design, knowledge of materials, precision in the finishes and variety of the workings make all of this achievable.

Application fields

Used as a sound absorber in ducts of air, insulation to support machines noisy.

Compressor compartments, silent booths, recording studios, false ceilings, machine tools.

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