Homogeneous bluedrive polyurethane conveyors

PELOSI BLUEDRIVE includes a range of homogeneous extruded conveyor belts manufactured with width up to 1200 mm.

BLUEDRIVE technology combines flat and homogeneous thermoplastic material with the positive transmission characteristic of modular plastic belts.

The smooth, easy-to-clean surface of BLUEDRIVE reduces the risk of microbiological contamination and its tension elements minimize the belt and improve its stability.

Guaranteed material

Pelosi BLUEDRIVE belts are produced using high quality TPU, ensuring superior durability and resistance to hydrolysis as well as being intrinsically resistant to microbial contamination. Our homogeneous belts can be adapted to a wide range of temperatures: from the inlet of the low temperature freezer to the outlet of the high temperature fryer (-20 ° C / + 80 ° C)

Pelosi BLUEDRIVE belts comply with current EU and US regulations, applicable to conveyor belts in direct food contact.

Monolithic conveyors design

The design of Pelosi’s fully extruded monolithic belt is completely devoid of internal fabric that could fray during use and pose a risk to food safety.

The robust and flexible design ensures a significantly longer life, with a high level of hygienic integrity. No risk of slipping, even in greasy and humid environments.

Aramid reinforced belt design

Pelosi BLUEDRIVE is designed with aramid tensile cord for continuous dimensional stability.
The cord are fully embedded in the thermoplastic polyurethane raw material.
This extends the belt service life through reliable sprocket engagement and non-slip pulley action, which reduce belt wear, maintenance and downtime.


  • Easy and effective clean on site
  • Urethane material compatible with wash down environments
  • Tension members provide high strength, low stretch
  • Sealed edges prevent ingress of microbes and reduction of bacteria growth
  • No fragmenting or chipping, compared with modular belts
  • Environmental sustainability thanks to cleaning labour reduction and water usage
  • Reduced maintainance and sanitation costs and reduced downtime
  • Sprockets compatibility: drop in replacement for most 2“ plastic modular belt, 4” minimum ø
  • Longer belt life due to its minimal stretch.

Jointing options

The PELOSI BLUEDRIVE conveyors are available as open belts or closed ring weld.

In addition to this, mechanical joints can be used for faster maintenance and installation.

Application fields

Cheese dairies
Fish processing machines seafood
Fruit & vegetables meat/poultry

Customization of conveyor belts

Pelosi manufactures cleats, V-guides and sidewalls of specially formulated PVC and PU compounds, in a range of different Shore A hardness, and various levels of abrasion and oil resistance.
The accessory compounds perfectly match those of the conveyor belts, in order to guarantee optimal adhesion, through vulcanization and other fabrication systems.

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