Protection for industrial plants

Our protection solutions are born from a high level of 3D design, which ensures a precise result, along with a special attention to the functional and design aspect.

For us, building protection solutions, means a profound study of every single reality in which we find ourselves operating and an accurate examination of the problem, to design the most suitable solution. No aspect of the design is overlooked: from functionality to safety, up to design.

And it is precisely the aesthetic component, in addition to the high design quality of our creations, that plays a key role in fully satisfying not only the functional aspect but also the aesthetic aspect.

It is thanks to the high specialization of our R&D department, the experience gained for over twenty years and the excellent technology we own, that we can provide the customer with a technical, practical, organizational and economic solution.

Our service can be adapted to every sector, including perimeter protection, auto motive, robotics, machinery for marble and wood processing, printing and eyewear, up to sectors in which safety and control components reach the highest levels such as pharmaceuticals, food and packaging.

Machine edge protections

The machine edge protections are structures that merge with the overall dimensions of the machine itself. These are generally cabins mounted directly on the base of the machinery which must therefore take into consideration very limited spaces.

That is why in many cases profiles with a fairly compact cros-section are used, so that the operator can easily work even in close contact with the protection.

The realization of machine edge protections generally involves specific needs such as the use of «light» products to allow the operator to open and close the doors of the structure easily and in complete freedom. This allows to make the impact of the structure more aesthetically pleasing and, above all, to use perfectly suitable materials that guarantee the total safety of the operators.

The use of tubular aluminum profiles, which are suitable for the construction of on-board structures that facilitate cleaning, allows the use of a range of jointing accessories, which are also easy to clean.

Structural protections

By structural protections we mean cabins made using aluminum profiles of large sections, therefore suitable for considable loads.

Generally these are self-supporting constructions, staying on the ground and separated from the machinery that have a protective function.

In these cases, the fundamental aspect of the work is to correctly size the product to be built, the cabin itself, the noise produced by the machine in operation, any machine components that need to be assembled or interfaced with the protection.

The greatest difficulty in creating this type of solution is the use of sufficiently robust products to make the structure self-supporting, and, at the same time, being able to give an elegant and personal touch to the realization, always guaranteeing the complete safety of the operator that will be using the machine.

We provide a complete catalogue of structural aluminum profiles, of different sections.

Thanks to the use of logos, bright banners and other solutions, we can implement our structures with the name of the machine manufacturer. By doing this, we use only materials, suitable for the complete safety of the operator.

Perimeter protections

Perimeter protections are spacer barriers fixed to the ground, whose aim is to delimit a fairly circumscribed work area.

They are therefore self-supporting protections, as they are placed on the ground and well separated from the machinery they are intended to protect. The perimeter structures must ensure both excellent protection of the machinery and extreme safety for the operator.

Constructing perimeter strucures implies the use of sufficiently robust products in order to obtain a self-supporting structure, and at the same time using only suitable materials to guarantee the complete safety of the operator. Due to their delicate function, the cost of perimetral protections is another relevant factor.

By providing our consultancy, together with the client we try to design and size the materials, taking into account both the economic aspect and the performance of the structure in terms of strength, functionality and safety.

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